Working with young offenders

An important course on enhancing provision for young offenders and young people at risk of offending and their families. This training is for people working in arts and cultural heritage organisations, including museums, galleries, libraries and archives.

The course sets the background in terms of who young offenders are and the kinds of experiences they will have had. Using case studies, it then explores good practice in meeting young offenders' needs and identifies practical ways to develop effective provision.

It is run jointly by Anne Harding and John Vincent. John is the Networker for The Network and an independent trainer, consultant and lecturer specialising in social exclusion.

Anne and John tailor their young offender training to local circumstances and needs.

Key learning outcomes:

  • awareness of the background to offending, the experiences that young offenders and their families may have had
  • greater knowledge of the criminal justice system as it affects young people
  • more understanding of key issues and potential barriers in working with young offenders, those at risk of offending and the criminal justice system
  • increased knowledge of case studies and good practice in engaging with young offenders in the cultural and heritage sector
  • ideas for effective support for young offenders, young people at risk of offending and their families
  • action plans

Participants receive extensive back-up material, including information about young offenders and the criminal justice system, research on the benefits of supporting young offenders and those at risk of offending through cultural and heritage organisations and the barriers to take-up, and links to numerous case studies and sources of information.

What people say about this training

It was a really interesting day and has given me a new insight into how we can help young offenders.

Very enjoyable. Informative session. It has inspired me to make our organisation more inclusive and open to young offenders.

Excellent to have experience and expertise of two knowledgeable trainers, leads a real authenticity to the discussion.

Very insightful and useful. It has allowed the staff to come up with practical ideas which can certainly be used.

Excellent. Making me think deeply into the issue of young offenders and potential young offenders. Inspiring me to think of how I can make a difference in these lives.

Brilliant. Stimulated a high level of discussion amongst whole team. Informal training style makes it easy to share thoughts and worries - very important with a sensitive area such as working with young offenders.

I found the information about young offenders really useful. The case studies were very interesting and sparked ideas.

This has been a most enlightening course which has significantly opened my eyes to the various problems and solutions involved. I feel confident that as a result I will be able to convince the museum to make a contribution to the young offenders question.

Plenty of opportunity to join in and good ideas put forward.

Very knowledgeable trainers - answered queries, listened. Thought-provoking. Not too structured - flexible and interesting. Useful handouts - good, clear, researched information.

Really enjoyed info and brainstorming exercises on who young offenders are and barriers/benefits/partnership working. Good to hear others' experiences and examples of projects.

We will take a lot from this, great springboard for moving forward - confirmed what we do and gave us good ideas for paths into the future.