Workshops and talks for parents and carers

Parents and carers play a crucial part in supporting their children’s reading, but many lack confidence in this area and need help.

Anne draws on many years' experience as a family literacy tutor.

She regularly gives workshops and talks in schools and libraries for parents and carers of children of all ages, one-off sessions, and series of workshops involving parents and children.

She provides sessions for foster carers and residential workers on meeting the particular needs of looked-after children.

All Anne’s workshops are interactive and hands-on. The focus is always on practical methods for helping children’s literacy development and making reading fun, for example:

  • how to choose and use books to give children a love of reading
  • activities to engage children with books
  • games to play to encourage reading skills and enjoyment
  • how to listen to children read supportively
  • ways to encourage reluctant readers

What parents and carers say about Anne’s workshops

It has made me a lot more positive about reading with both my children and more patient with them.

The tutor was just great. She has motivated me a lot to spend more time with my kids and to understand the child as well.

Very useful: nice to talk with other parents; lovely ideas to do at home; good selection of books to read/interact with your child.

Me and my child have more fun with our reading together now.

Found course helpful in understanding other ways to tell stories and how to engage my child in the books we are reading, and also how to help my child enjoy reading.

My son loved book-making - hope to continue this at home with him. I have really enjoyed this course.

I am giving my daughter more praise now. I can see her confidence growing.

Having tried many of the suggestions I learned on the course my son's reading has improved and he has moved up a level!