Courses on working with teenagers

Effective provision for teenagers is vital for libraries, museums and the cultural and heritage sector generally. But often young people’s needs are insufficiently recognised, and projects and services under-developed. Stereotypes and damaging preconceptions about teenagers are widespread, and some staff may have fears about working with them. All of this can be changed.

Anne’s highly acclaimed courses explore young people’s needs and identify strategies for working with them successfully.

She provides courses on working with teenagers for national organisations, regional bodies and local authorities and also delivers in-house training. She adapts all her training to learner needs and client requirements. These are Anne’s existing courses. She is very happy to design new ones.

All these courses are very practical and fully participative, with opportunities throughout to discuss concerns and share good practice. Anne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with young people, and draws on plentiful case studies. Delegates gain more understanding and insight about teenagers, and numerous ideas for breaking down barriers and engaging with them effectively. Comprehensive handouts accompany every course.