Working with teenagers in
museums, galleries and archives

Anne's popular training courses on working with teenagers explore young people's needs and identify strategies for engaging with them effectively and enhancing provision.

Anne's courses can be adapted for a range of national, regional and in-house training needs. She provides CPD training for frontline staff, education and learning managers and staff, audience development managers and other staff members and volunteers.

Learning outcomes include:

  • greater understanding of young people, their needs and expectations
  • more awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of current provision
  • more knowledge of current trends and the implications for policy and practice
  • effective ways to communicate with and actively involve teenagers
  • new ideas for successful projects, programmes and activities
  • ideas for consultation, marketing, promotion, planning and evaluation
  • greater confidence when working with young people

Anne provides comprehensive sets of handouts to back up the training, including lists of useful case studies, articles and websites, and tips for engaging young people and supporting their learning.

What people say about this training

Excellent session for promoting discussion within the team and reflection on what we do, and can do in the future. Very well facilitated. Nice to have benefit of experience and expertise as context for our thoughts, ideas and plans. Very positive. Will have a very good impact on our work.

The course made me much more aware of the needs of this audience.

Very useful and insightful. This training has given me a great deal to think about and I am sure it will enable me to improve the project I am currently working on as well as develop new projects working with teenagers in the future.

It was brilliant and got me thinking of new opportunities which my site could be doing. Also reminded me what my purpose/role is about! Feel a lot more confident in being able to work with teenagers and how to engage with them.

Like the approach of drawing on the experience of everyone in the room. Also flexibility of tailoring content to attendees. Good relevant, recent case studies and sources of further info. Great reading list and web links in handouts.

Good course content. Lots of ideas of how to work with teenagers.

Very refreshing to have the opportunity to share best practice in an open and supportive environment. The topics and conversation flowed well and covered a wide range. There was excellent opportunity for all to participate.

Has given me more confidence.

Great session. Really focused on practical, tangible ideas for the future. Great examples of best practice from other museums.

I have come away with good ideas for my next project with young people.

Excellent workshop enabling informative and reflective discussion on what we currently do and what we want to be. Will enable us to pull together an action plan to move forward and improve our practice.

Really great course. Lots of food for thought. Really good advice of how archives can approach the task in hand. Refreshing to have a trainer who understands the sector and the challenges we face.

Thought provoking and challenging.

We have been inspired to think about the perceptions we have of teenagers and theirs of us.

Well structured and well presented. Relevant. Appropriate for mixed ability group.

Even I'm only just 20 years old I was very interested and engaged by this course. I think it has provided me with a different perspective on how I treat teenagers and will definitely come in useful in my job here (but also broader in my life).

I really enjoyed learning about marketing (how to make teenagers interested in museums).

The course was good at making us look at things from a teenager's point of view.