Working with children in museums and galleries

Anne frequently gives training on effective provision for children in museums and other cultural and heritage organisations. These popular and very practical courses identify ways to maximise children's learning, enjoyment and participation.

Anne provides courses for national, international and regional organisations and delivers in-house training. She tailors all her courses to client and learner needs. She gives courses covering children from birth to eleven, and ones that focus on primary age children.

There are opportunities throughout Anne's courses to discuss concerns and explore successful policy and practice.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • greater understanding of children and their needs and development
  • more awareness of the role of cultural organisations in supporting them
  • more knowledge of how children learn and factors that encourage learning
  • new ideas for engaging with children and breaking down barriers to use
  • strategies for supporting schools and the curriculum
  • tips for successful family learning and family visits
  • more confidence in working with children, schools and families

Participants receive comprehensive back-up material, including case studies, information about children's developmental needs and education, effective strategies, weblinks and suggestions for further research and reading.

What people say about this training

The training was brilliant yesterday, thank you so much. Just what we needed! We're all buzzing today with new ideas and inspiration.

The course was perfect.

Really useful. I learnt a lot and it gave me a lot of food for thought. Great facilitation of group discussions and letting thoughts/ideas/learning develop from this.

Very useful to have these discussions, affirming our strengths and highlighting areas for improvement going forward.

Brilliant. An interesting and engaging day. Subject matter was perfect. Obvious that the session plan was based on expertise and experience as well as research into our individual museum.

Fun and informative. Anne was very good in her delivery and helped us analyse our strengths and weaknesses in a very positive and motivating way. Very relevant to our museum throughout.

Anne showed a great amount of knowledge about both museums and education.

Exciting new ideas.

A very informative session. Practical advice. Good use of case studies. Well paced and scheduled. Very well facilitated.

Useful to understand how different techniques work better in certain situations.

Incredibly insightful. Topics raised were dealt with ease and understanding. I learnt a lot today.

Lovely, lovely, lovely session. It made me aware of a lot of things I hadn't realised before. Important for my field of work.

I learnt how to plan my workshops in more organised and varied ways.

I have more understanding of children and their needs.

The course/course materials were very well structured and helped me organise many of the thoughts that have been running around my head.

I was delighted with the course.

I learnt about working with children: the benefits of visiting museums, the barriers to use and enjoyment, how to encourage children and families to come and come back.