Using picture books to support learning

Picture books have enormous potential. Used well, they nurture reading for pleasure, develop literacy skills, extend comprehension and thinking skills, support the curriculum and inspire curiosity and creativity.

Anne provides courses and inset on picture books and ways to exploit them effectively for early years practitioners and for primary and secondary teachers and librarians.

Anne offers face-to-face and online training.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • more understanding of the role of picture books
  • strategies for fostering reading enjoyment with picture books
  • ideas for using them to enhance speaking and listening skills, literacy, comprehension, thinking and curiosity
  • strategies for supporting the EYFS areas of learning, the national curriculum and cross-curricular learning with picture books
  • ways to use them as a spur for creative thought and creative activities
  • greater knowledge of effective picture books for the classroom and library
  • more confidence in choosing and using picture books

There are opportunities in all Anne’s picture book training to explore a wide range of books, and to discuss methods for exploiting them in the classroom and beyond. She provides comprehensive handouts, with lots of ideas, weblinks, suggestions for further reading, and lists of good books.

Anne gives picture book training for local authorities and regional organisations and as school inset.

What people say about this training


A great day. I’m excited to return to school to promote picture books within my class and across the school. The session was helped by an excellent range of picture books, well-planned activities and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitator.

Tips on how to expand the use of picture books so they are more appealing to children/parents/teachers, and how they can encourage the development of reading skills.

I’m leaving very motivated indeed.

Great range of titles to be made aware of. Good to do some actual planning of lessons. Lots of practical ideas to take back.

It was very relevant to my situation and I can apply everything I learned. I feel very encouraged and am looking forward to implementing ideas this week.

Excellent!! Very informative and has reignited my spark for picture books. Come away with lots of ideas to use with KS3-5 to engage them with using books.

Everyone that works in a school should go on this course!

Loved seeing titles that were new to me or hearing familiar books being given a new twist because of a related activity. Has maintained and extended my love of the genre - love its flexibility.

This was so helpful. Everyone in the school now has lots of ideas for using picture books. It's given everyone confidence.

This was lovely. First thing tomorrow morning I’m going to be ordering books.

I found this really inspiring. I’m working on audience response with year 9, and there’s such a lot this has made me think about, particularly writing and drama activities.

Lots of useful discussion, particularly about EAL and using books in cross-curricular ways.

I found the course very helpful. Got many new titles to order. Hearing other people’s enthusiasm for books or a particular book is very encouraging. Got many ideas on how to present a book. Great idea to have people who work with children in different ways.

I found linking books to the EYFS learning goals very useful and plan to use these ideas.

Really helpful. Excellent to have a mix of primary and secondary. There’s so much we can learn from each other.

Course has given me renewed confidence to use picture books with older children.

I have really enjoyed the course. It was very useful to be able to share ideas and experiences with other people from different settings. The information shared by Anne was very interesting.

I would highly recommend this course and I have taken so many ideas and concepts from it. Thank you Anne!!

The most interesting and useful course I’ve been on.