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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Inspiring reading quotes

boy in Foyles

Apologies for the poor photo quality, but this shot illustrates my latest collection of reading quotes perfectly. This boy was oblivious of everything but his book.

  • Books and reading are magic and this magic must be available to absolutely everyone. Cressida Cowell
  • Reading gives you knowledge, it gives you power. Andy McNabb
  • Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible. Barack Obama
  • Reading is a way for me to expand my mind, open my eyes, and fill up my heart. Oprah Winfrey
  • Reading enables children to grow emotionally. In all sorts of ways – imaginatively, in terms of self-confidence, it helps them to explore the world beyond the one they live in. Michael Morpurgo
  • If we want children to learn, to grow by understanding and having empathy for others, to thrive, then we must encourage them to read for pleasure. Malorie Blackman
  • What makes a child become a lifelong reader? Not the ability to get good marks on a test. Not the desire to get a good job. It’s PLEASURE. Kids who read for pleasure grow up to be adults who read for themselves – and think for themselves. SF Said
  • Reading empowers children …… when you make a reader, you give them the world. Amanda Spielman
  • Reading is not walking on the words: it’s grasping the soul of them. Paulo Freire

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Wonderful quotes about books and reading

Lana 1For my last blog of the year, some of my favourite quotes about books and reading, illustrated with one of my favourite family photos.

There are many ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. Philip Pullman

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger. Ben Okri

A book is a place where children can try on all the lives they haven’t got. Margaret Meek

Children’s books can be bridges connecting people. S F Said

Books allow you to see the world through the eyes of others. Reading is an exercise in empathy. Malorie Blackman

Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood. John Green

Reading is the most powerful gift we can give a child: it puts stardust in their imaginations. Emma Cox

I guess that’s the beauty of books. When they finish they don’t really finish. Markus Zusak

Reading is a first class ticket to the outer limits of your imagination. Juno Dawson

Books are, let’s face it, better than everything else. Nick Hornby

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. Dr Seuss

Literacy is the bridge from misery to hope. Kofi Annan

Reading gives you knowledge, it gives you power. Andy McNabb

Our books and out pens are the most powerful weapons. Malala Yousafzai

Books are for life, not just for homework. Keith Gray

Read. Read anything… Just read. Neil Gaiman

Monday, 9 January 2017

Children’s and young people’s reading – latest research and articles

Time for one of my regular round-ups of reading news. But first a wonderful quote from out-going US President Barack Obama: ‘Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you.’


The Education Endowment Foundation has found that primary school breakfast clubs boost reading, writing and maths. Thank you to Summer Lane Primary School for the photo of one of their very successful family reading breakfasts.

Read On Get On has published an important strategy, aimed at improving literacy through focusing on reading enjoyment.

Booktrust Chief Executive Diana Gerald believes passionately in reading for pleasure and and in an article about its value argues strongly for children reading what they like. Joy Ballard makes a similar case in ‘Let the teens read Mills and Boon!’ Katie Ashford of Michaela School takes a very different view in ‘Easy books aren’t the route to a lifelong love of reading’. Do read the comment stream beneath this controversial piece.

New research shows that there are lots of girls struggling with reading. The big concern is comprehension.

Secondary school teachers, librarians, students and parents will find lots of ideas for inspiring reading an innovative booklist created by the librarians at Elmgreen School.

Teacher Jesse Buetow’s piece on using technology to inspire independent readers explores the value of student-created book ‘commercials’.

A recent study found interesting differences between reading paper books and screen reading with young children.

It’s well worth listening to this Radio 4 piece on children and ebooks, particularly Julia Eccelshare’s input.

To end, another great quote from Obama: ‘Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.’

Monday, 12 December 2016

Children’s and young people’s reading – some inspiring quotes

2016-booksI’m an inveterate collector of quotes about books and reading. Here are some that I’ve recently added to my quotes haul, illustrated with a few of the books for children and young people that have stood out for me in 2016.

If you can’t read, you can’t do anything when you get older — you can’t fill in forms, you can’t do jobs, you can’t run your life. If you can’t read, it’s gonna be your downfall. 10 year-old boy quoted in the Evening Standard

I believe good readers make better engineers, and bakers, and surgeons, and parents and partners and are just a lot happier. Frank Cottrell Boyce

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. Victor Hugo

People would stand in line for days and pay hundreds of dollars if there were a pill that could do everything for a child that reading aloud does ….. Simply put, it’s a free oral vaccine for literacy. Jim Trelease

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore. It should be offered as a precious gift. Kate DiCamillo

Parents should leave books lying around marked ‘forbidden’ if they want their children to read. Doris Lessing

Books allow you to see the world through the eyes of others. Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while. Malorie Blackman

Books are human relationship builders. Michael Levine

I love the idea that children’s books can be bridges connecting people, showing them that however different someone else might be, the things which unite us are greater than those which divide us. And that difference can be a source of richness: something to be celebrated, not feared. SF Said

I don’t want to write for adults. I want to write for readers who can perform miracles. Only children perform miracles when they read. Astrid Lindgren


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Reading endorsement from Claudio Ranieri and other great quotes about reading

LCFCEvery now and then I like to share quotes about reading, and I could not resist doing so again today. The reason – this from Claudio Ranieri, the champion of the hour:

‘I do not have much time for relaxation but when I can, I like to read.’

Wonderful to have such a powerful endorsement of reading from a popular hero. Here are some more:

  • ‘Reading gives you knowledge, it gives you power.’ Andy McNabb
  • ‘We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate.’ Henry Miller
  • ‘I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.’ JK Rowling
  • ‘The gadget that will have the biggest impact on literacy is already out there. It’s called a book.’ Anthony Horowitz
  • ‘Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through into another world.’ Jeanette Winterson
  • ‘Reading can take you anywhere in space and time if you’re willing to go.’ Juno Dawson
  • ‘If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.’ Haruki Murakami
  • ‘You can never be wise unless you love reading.’ Samuel Johnson

You can find lots other inspiring quotes on reading here.