Supporting SEN pupils' reading

Anne provides practical training on supporting reading with children and young people with reading and learning difficulties, for teachers, learning support assistants and librarians. She gives courses for national and regional bodies and local authorities as well as customised school inset on this topic.

Her courses are fully participative, with opportunities throughout for sharing concerns, ideas and good practice. They are backed up with comprehensive handouts.

Anne delivers face-to-face and online training.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • more understanding of the causes and effects of reading difficulties
  • greater knowledge of latest research and current thinking by DfE and Ofsted
  • strategies for developing SEN pupils' reading skills in the classroom and library
  • ideas for supporting reading across the curriculum
  • methods for increasing SEN students’ enjoyment of reading
  • greater awareness of appropriate resources
  • additional methods for exploiting them successfully
  • ideas for using the pupil premium to support SEN pupils’ reading
  • extra confidence when helping children, young people, parents and carers

What people say about this training

Jam-packed full of ideas.

Very useful. Interesting, helpful, informative and inspiring.

I liked the interaction and presentation of the course, and the ideas that were shared, in particular, the discussion at the end highlighted points for action we can follow up on.

Good insight into book selection for SEN children.

Encouraged me to take time to ensure kids are reading appropriate material and enjoying it. Also given me ideas how to encourage and improve their reading.

Anne very encouraging, inclusive and affirming - clearly an expert but without being ‘lofty’.

Extremely useful. The balance of theory and research, along with other people’s experiences and good practice means I’m going away not only with practical strategies, but references and titles to facilitate further reading.

Very helpful and thought provoking. I have lots to share with the literacy coordinator and senior leadership team when I get back to school.

This is my first year as English subject leader and this course has left me inspired for the rest of the academic year! Loads of ideas for resources and things to introduce into my school.

Fantastic! Practical suggestions for classroom use.

Very useful to give us time to discuss the ideas we have and the practice we currently have. Far too often we don’t have the time to recognise what we do well and what areas we can improve on.

A very beneficial course with great ideas to consider and take forward.

I will now plan for the individual pupils’ needs having learnt more about choosing texts and how hard reading is for some.

Good tips on how to choose books for children with reading difficulties.

Well worth the journey. We have completely revised our scheme of work for our R.I.S.E. (Recovery, Inclusion, Support and Enjoyment) department as a consequence.

It was stimulating and challenging even to an old hand like me.

Very useful and thought-provoking course with lots of practical application opportunities.

The course facilitator was excellent, well-informed and clear concise delivery.

Excellent contents and presentation. Working with others was particularly inspiring. Lots of practical ideas to try.

I have a better insight into the needs of the students and more confidence in how to approach those that have special needs and reluctant readers.

I enjoyed the course and got many practical ideas to help improve the literacy skills of the students with whom I work.

Plenty of follow-up material to give further ideas.

Excellent. There are so many ideas that I wish to put in place immediately.