Supporting looked after children's learning: the carer's role

This is a friendly and practical course for foster carers and residential workers on ways to help looked after children's learning. It is packed with information about school provision for LAC and with ideas for supporting children's formal and informal education at home. There are opportunities throughout to share concerns, questions and good practice.

Participants can expect to gain:

  • more awareness of the role and responsibilities of the school in supporting LAC
  • more insight into potential barriers to learning and ideas for overcoming them
  • tips for developing positive attitudes to learning and raising aspiration and attainment
  • everyday strategies for supporting literacy, numeracy and other areas of learning
  • new ideas for liaising effectively with schools
  • more confidence in supporting the children in their care

The course is backed up with helpful handouts.

Anne tailors all her training to local circumstances and individual needs.

What people say about this course

Very informative and thought-provoking. Good to listen to different points of view.

Enjoyed the training. Identified my role as a residential worker, and also teachers' role.


Very informative. Lovely to realise that I'm not the only one when it comes to difficult areas with education and the missing gap with my LAC 11 year-old.

Informative and interesting. I enjoyed learning about the role of schools and future plans for improvement in systems and support for LAC. Also about how we can support children in education.

Very informative and confirming. Good to listen to other carers. Glad that carers have a voice and contribute to policy and practice.

Very educational and interesting and excellent in knowing the support from schools.

I really enjoyed the day. It was good to share information and to gain knowledge from others.

Great to listen and discuss with others and take on board new ideas.

I found this day very interesting, and it was useful to hear other people's views/experiences, and to pick up new ideas.

Highly relevant. Very good presentation by trainer.

Very interesting and relevant. It was great to hear how foster carers are doing such good work in engaging with education. Great relationships developed between school and home.