Supporting academically more able pupils

A course to explore effective provision for academically more able (AMA) pupils.

This course is available as whole school inset and as local authority, national or regional training.

Anne always adapts the course to local circumstances and needs.

Participants can expect to gain:

  • more awareness of current policy and philosophy on academically more able provision
  • new ideas for recognising and nurturing pupils’ gifts and talents
  • more understanding of the learning needs of academically more able pupils
  • extra techniques for providing appropriate challenge and support
  • more knowledge of appropriate reading resources
  • strategies for exploiting them effectively
  • greater confidence when helping AMA pupils and their parents and carers

The course is accompanied by a valuable information pack.

What people say about this course

Implications for learning across the school with emphasis on enjoyment as well as achievement and fulfilling potential.

Very helpful information and discussions.

Lots of ideas generated about not only gifted and talented children, but about teaching aims, styles, improvements.

A very useful course - provided good background to latest thinking on G&T pupils and, very importantly, offered many very useful practical teaching ideas, websites and resources for use back in school.