Stretching able readers

Important and exciting training on gifted readers. Anne provides practical, interactive courses that explore able readers' needs, identify methods to engage and challenge them through reading, and examine appropriate resources and ways to exploit them effectively.

This training is suitable for literacy coordinators, academically more able (AMA) coordinators, class teachers, school librarians and other interested staff. Anne offers primary and secondary level able readers courses, and cross-phase training for key stage 2 and 3 teachers and librarians. Her courses are appropriate for school inset, and as local authority, regional or national training.

Anne tailors all her courses to delegate needs.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • greater understanding of the needs and potential of able readers
  • more awareness of the context in terms of Ofsted, the curriculum and current educational thinking
  • new ideas for nurturing able readers’ talents, supporting their learning across the curriculum and increasing the breadth and depth of their reading
  • increased knowledge of appropriate books and other reading resources
  • strategies for using them to develop critical literacy, higher order thinking skills, creativity and reading enjoyment
  • extra confidence when helping able readers and their parents and carers

Delegates receive comprehensive handouts.

What people say about this training

A really amazing day! Lots of great ideas that are easy to implement. Invaluable.

I am "buzzing" and can't wait to get back into school to try out new, exciting ideas with my more able readers and share what I am taking away from today with my colleagues.

A wonderful forum for discussing and collecting ideas, superbly led by a well-informed leader, who glued all contributions together and ensured the main, important themes rung out.

Very informative, has given me some superb ideas for my more able and other readers in my class.

Inspiring, confident presentation, well prepared and structured. I love that you see AMA children as people not just in terms of academia.

Came away with good ideas for lessons and a good list of resources as well as a better understanding of how the able child's mind might work and what can be done to stretch them.

I feel empowered. Great advice, strategies and support.

Very interesting and well-planned. I am going to be looking at the breadth and range of books in our library and will be encouraging teachers to include more book talk for more able children.

So refreshing to be on a course where I feel that ideas and strategies (and discussions) were actually realistically and practically applicable to my day-to-day experience!

Thank you for helping me reflect so constructively on my own practice and on how I can move forwards to stretch my more able readers and support them in reaching their potential.

I am going away with a long to-do list and lots of new ideas.

Very informative. Great to hear lots of things that work well in other schools. Very reassuring and contemporary support for reading in the curriculum.

Thank you - lots of practical ideas, food for thought and above all for reinforcing that love of reading should be placed above all else! Great opportunity also to look at new authors and titles.

A really excellent and very inspirational day - presented so clearly and with great expertise! The mixture of theory/practical activities was very effective and thought-provoking.

Well delivered course. Really good handout material to take away for reference.

Lots of food for thought and top tips. Great to tap into Anne's knowledge and expertise. I feel inspired.