Special educational needs in
museums, galleries and archives

Important training on engaging effectively with children and young people with learning disabilities and differences in museums, archives and other cultural and heritage organisations.

Anne's courses explore the needs of children with learning difficulties and neurodiverse children and identify appropriate provision and support.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • more understanding of learning disabilities and neurodiversity and their implications for the cultural and heritage sector
  • greater awareness of the barriers to learning and participation
  • knowledge of the legislative and educational framework to SEN provision
  • ways to maximise engagement, learning and enjoyment in school and family visits
  • new ideas for inclusive activities and promotions
  • ideas for using artefacts, books and other resources effectively with SEN children
  • more confidence when helping children and young people with learning problems

Anne's SEN courses are backed up with extensive handouts, including definitions and legal responsibilities, websites and publications, case studies, ideas for effective provision and an invaluable outline of conditions in which children with learning difficulties and differences learn best.

Anne provides national, regional and in-house training on this topic. She tailors all her courses to client and delegate needs. She offers face-to-face and online training options.

What people say about this training

Fantastic! Wonderful training day. A great balance of advice from you and sharing within the group.

Great interactive session, particularly tailored to our museum. Very useful as we now have a plan of action to take this learning forward.

This has given me a whole new way of looking at/how to deal with SEN children. Learnt lots.

There was a nice balance between establishing 'facts' i.e. what is a learning difficulty, how might they manifest etc and 'practical steps' such as how we can communicate with children, avoid disruptive behaviour etc.

Thank you for facilitating highly meaningful and honest conversation in an open and safe forum. We have taken away many ideas and much inspiration from the day.

Incredibly helpful. Has given me a lot more confidence. GREAT practical suggestions.

Really informative. Great resource for websites and articles for the team to start looking at and reading. Wonderful helpful advice and suggestions on how to communicate with SEN children and how to avoid and/or deal with difficult behaviour. A great conduit for getting us to start an action plan/strategy on how to improve our provision for SEN groups.

I am leaving feeling energised and passionate about making our museum collection and programmes more accessible to children with SEN.

The course gave me a clear understanding of SEN and in particular how to apply it in the heritage sector.

Excellent session. Brilliant level of information given, relevant examples and case studies very much welcomed and will be used to influence our decision making and idea generation. Love the interactive training style. Excellent to conclude by looking at priorities, meaning we leave the session with a clear idea of next steps.

I feel much better equipped to support site staff and promote SEN visits.

The discussions and action plans were a great way of generating solutions and effective ways of creating a fun and inclusive learning environment.

Really useful. A great balance between activities which got us to think aspirationally about future plans and what we can do more immediately to welcome SEN kids and families.

Very useful to have it targeted at our organisation but also to make us think outside it. Also very good to have so much information on the legal situation and knowledge of different kinds of SEN.

Absolutely wonderful. Will definitely be using your techniques and information.