Using schools library service topic boxes

School library services provide excellent, tailor-made topic collections to schools to support their projects. Delegates on this practical new course will learn about the benefits of project loans, discover the range of topic boxes available and examine ways to exploit them effectively to support teaching and learning across the curriculum.

The course is designed for literacy coordinators, teachers and other staff who use or are interested in using school library service project collections, and for schools library service staff. The training is hands-on, with opportunities throughout to explore topic-related resources.

This course is suitable as schools library service training. Anne is also happy to deliver customised school inset about using project loans. She tailors all her training to local circumstances and priorities and to learner needs. She offers face-to-face and online training.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • more understanding of the value of schools library service project collections
  • the context in terms of the national curriculum, latest research and Ofsted
  • ideas for using subject-related books and artefacts to support learning
  • new methods for delivering literacy across the curriculum
  • tips for developing research skills, comprehension, inference and deduction
  • strategies for fostering reading for pleasure
  • ideas for nurturing creativity
  • ideas for lesson plans

What people say about this training

The course got me thinking a lot more about how to use everything that comes in my topic box more effectively. I will definitely be using the artefacts more, introducing the 'special' box to the children better.

Very stimulating and worthwhile. Anne's lead was great - opening out the subject and allowing everyone's input; asking thoughtful questions and encouraging discussion.

I feel more equipped to encourage and help staff to make the most of topic loans. Thanks Anne. All schools need this.

I learnt a lot about all the resources and ideas available to teachers from the SLS.

Key thing I have learnt is the value of instilling and maintaining curiosity - and using strategies that encourage the learner to be proactive.

It was great hearing about how much effort gets put into these boxes which has made me more enthusiastic and more conscious of using them more often and more effectively.

Very interesting!! Informative and well thought out. It made me think about things in an objective way.

I will create a help sheet with a few pointers on handling objects for teachers, so they are not fearful as using them in the classroom.

Love the practicals and feedback. I definitely have some other ideas to introduce into day-to-day practice. We have gained so much from each other.

I enjoyed this course immensely and found it very helpful with lots of interesting ideas to make the use of topic boxes relevant and inspiring to both teachers and children.

Very useful to make me think of ways to promote use of topic boxes by teachers in school and to think more of how the end user would make use of the boxes.

Very positive to hear from teachers how they feel supported and react to topic boxes. Inspiring quotes and information, feel refreshed to go out there and fill more boxes!

Many things to take back to school to implement. Sparked off discovery trails to try out at school especially around key words and stimulating curiosity.

Especially good to have a mix of teaching and SLS staff and I particularly found the teacher input really worthwhile. Lots to consider and think about - so often we send resources out into to the void so hearing how they might be used was incredibly useful.

Thank you for an inspiring day. I had such a great time. Your ideas and quotes were very thought-provoking and I am very grateful for the lesson ideas shared by the other participants.

I hope we can run this again. It was invaluable.