John Royce, Credit Where It’s Due: The
School Library Preventing Plagiarism

School Library Association, 2011, ISBN 978-1903446577

This is an extremely useful and timely publication. Plagiarism is a major and growing concern in schools. John Royce here sets out very clearly the nature and scope of the problem and the vital role of the school librarian in helping to combat it.

The book contains valuable information about what constitutes plagiarism, including its relationship with copyright infringement, and the range of reasons that lead students into it. Royce rightly makes clear that a great deal of plagiarism is inadvertent. There are exercises for assisting staff and students to recognise the problem and to distinguish between good and bad practice, as well as methods and tools for identifying plagiarised work and succinct advice about citation and referencing.

Royce explores the need for an ethos of academic honesty within schools and discusses what whole school policies might look like. He gives clear guidance on how the school librarian can contribute both to policy and in practical terms, for example by compiling a style guide, becoming ‘the reference guru’, delivering training on plagiarism and referencing to staff, encouraging students to formulate specific questions when doing research. Case studies give further ideas, and there are numerous suggestions for extra reading.

All in all another cogent, comprehensive and comprehensible guide from the School Library Association stable.