Jessie Miller (author) and Barbara Bakos (illustrator), Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

Maverick Arts Publishing, 2017, ISBN 978-1-84886-282-1

Rooster is a flamboyant follower of fashion. When the skinny jeans that he's ordered online arrive, he marvels at the indigo shade, the gold stitching and the flattering style. He dons them immediately and struts out to show them off. But his confident expectation that his purchase will amaze and impress his farmyard companions is misplaced. They jeer and howl with laughter. Mortified, Rooster retreats to the barn and hides away in shame. Then he catches sight of himself in a mirror.

What's not to love? Are they being sarcastic? These jeans are amazing: my bum looks fantastic!

Deciding he can manage without the other animals' approval, he flies to the top of the barn.

He brushed off all feelings of worry and doubt, Then he cockled and doodled and dooed with a shout!

Suddenly he finds himself admired for his nerve and his ability to go his own way. Rooster beams. As the day comes to an end, he sits at his computer and pre-orders a gold sequined vest.

This is a lovely picture book that cheerfully smashes gender stereotypes. What a delightful protagonist Rooster is, and what important messages his return to confidence and pride gives, in particular that there is nothing wrong in being different; that everyone can be special in their own way. The rhyming text is funny and clever, and begs to be read aloud. The illustrations are wonderfully colourful and exuberant and complement the words perfectly. Highly recommended for nurseries, classrooms and libraries and for family use.