Reading for information

Today’s flood of information is unprecedented. Children need help to learn how to navigate it successfully.

This course explores the importance of information literacy and identifies practical strategies for teaching and reinforcing information skills across the curriculum. It is particularly suitable for literacy coordinators, library coordinators and teachers.

Anne always tailors this course to local needs and requirements. She provides it for national bodies, local authorities and as whole school inset.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • methods for supporting effective information retrieval and use
  • subject-based and cross-curricular strategies for supporting information skills
  • techniques for teaching children how to evaluate information sources critically
  • strategies for widening pupils' search horizons beyond the internet and for reducing cut and paste and plagiarism
  • new ideas for using books to support subject teaching and develop children's information skills
  • greater knowledge of appropriate resources
  • more awareness of the role of the school library and new ways to exploit it
  • ideas for a progressive whole-school approach to information literacy

The course is accompanied by extensive back-up material.

What people say about this course

Useful reminder about what constitutes good teaching regarding the use of information, or any other, books. Particularly useful focus on creating excitement and enjoyment in learning through creative use of questioning.

Very enjoyable and informative. Practical ways to teach information skills. I can take these back and pass the ideas on to other staff.

I will definitely take on board your approaches to encouraging the children to use books more widely and worksheets rather less so!

Very useful in focusing our attention on such an important aspect of children's learning. Some great ideas that we can adopt. Will now work on a whole school learning strategy so we can build up their skills. An excellent session.