Reading in the foundation stage and key stage 1

Popular training on strategies to foster a love of books in children and develop reading skills.

Anne's courses are suitable for early years practitioners, literacy coordinators, key stage 1 teachers and support staff.

Anne is very happy to adapt her courses to a variety of training situations. They are appropriate for national, regional and local authority training, as in-house training in children's centres and early years settings, and as whole school inset.

She offers face-to-face and online training.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • enhanced understanding of children’s reading development
  • new ideas for encouraging reading for pleasure across the curriculum
  • extra strategies for exploiting books and other materials effectively
  • greater knowledge of appropriate resources
  • fresh perspectives on the school library and book corners
  • more confidence in helping parents and carers to support children’s reading

There are opportunities throughout to raise concerns and to share ideas and good practice.

Participants receive extensive information packs.

What people say about this training

This was a fantastic session. Very engaging and inspiring. I found about a wide range of texts that I could use in my teaching and to approach subjects with the pupils. I'm looking forward to relaying my new found passion for reading with my class.

It was a wonderful day with lots of joint discussions and it had a very supportive atmosphere.

Brilliant! Anne was definitely an inspiration today. Explored lots of great books in detail making it relevant to our teaching.

Inspirational, reassured and motivated me to include more reading time into the school day.

This was very useful training. We've learnt a lot about how to read to make reading more interesting. Really enjoyed it!

Very informative and in-depth with lots of practical ideas.

As always I find you incredibly engaging, enormously current and up -to-date and with so many ideas that I can take away and use in my school to make improvements in terms of reading for pleasure. So inspiring.

I got many new goals and ideas to take back and share.

Great to have the opportunity to share new books and focus our thoughts about reading practice.

Brilliant session on effective and enjoyable ways to support literacy in the classroom. Lots of ideas for making literacy fun.

A great refresh of learning about the teaching of reading and instilling reading for pleasure. Very inspiring and very helpful - particularly the questions from parents and how to answer them.

Really enjoyed today's training. Great ideas really bringing across the importance of books and the love of them. Anne is very inspiring.

It was all very helpful. Learnt ideas for promoting reading through the school library.

Promoted excellent discussion among staff where we gathered further ideas and inspiration. An inspiring inset day.