Presentation skills

Library staff often lack confidence in public speaking. This interactive training course provides the opportunity to identify and practice successful skills and techniques.

The course is suitable for school and public library staff.

Anne always tailors this course to local requirements. Usually the focus is on ways to deliver informative, effective and lively presentations promoting books, reading and library use, particularly to children and young people and to parents, carers and other adults. Anne is very happy to angle the course to other areas of need.

Topics explored include:

  • preparing for presentations
  • assessing audience needs
  • finding a suitable pace of delivery and a comfortable individual style
  • using body language and the voice effectively
  • choosing and using props and communication tools

The course is backed up with an informative set of handouts.

What people say about this course

Lots of good ideas to deliver a fun and informative session.

I found it very useful.

I learnt not to be too nervous about presenting books to children and other ideas for promotion - ways to catch children's attention and hold them.

Group discussions gave us a chance to work out solutions with input from colleagues - pool ideas, spark off each other etc.