Sarah Pavey, Going Digital: Developing
ICT in the Primary School Library

School Library Association, 2011, ISBN 978-1-903446-58-4

What a useful book this is, an aide-memoire for primary library coordinators with little time. After setting the context in terms of the importance of ICT in the national curriculum and for teaching and learning generally, Pavey highlights the risks of not having a digital presence in the primary library: essentially that the library becomes out-dated, even obsolete. The remainder of the book is packed with helpful advice on choosing appropriate hardware, software and websites, and on making the best use of them to support learning. Library management software is discussed in depth, and the value of networking across the school. There is coverage of the relevant merits of PCs, laptops and tablets, and guidance on data storage. The section on methods for using ICT to support students’ information skills is very practical, including tips on search engines and on teaching website evaluation. Internet safety is not forgotten. Pavey’s thoughts on reader development through ICT are also very pertinent. I like what she says about the benefits of ICT for engaging students with authors. Additional chapters provide strategies for using ICT to promote the library and for professional development. Each section contains numerous weblinks. The book ends with an ICT planning checklist.

Pavey’s coverage of this important topic is easy to follow, and right up to date, with references to cloud computing, mobile technology and social bookmarking, as well as VLEs and social networking. My one cavil is the lack of an index. The book is a good companion volume to other SLA publications, particularly Cultivating Curiosity: Information Skills and the Primary School Library and A Primary School Information Skills Toolkit.