Online training and webinars

Anne offers online training sessions. While Covid restrictions make face-to-face courses impossible, her webinars provide vital access to training. They will remain a useful and viable option for organisations and individuals who seek professional development opportunities but are unable to host or attend traditional training courses for reasons such as finance or time.

Anne tailors all her sessions to the needs of the organisation concerned. She draws on experience she has accrued in twenty five years as a trainer working with practitioners in a broad span of settings on a extensive range of issues.

All her webinars focus on practical cost-effective strategies backed up with up-to-date research findings. Anne's aim is always to develop participants' knowledge, skills and confidence, and to equip them with toolkits of workable ideas.

Her training is participative, with opportunities to share thoughts, concerns and good practice.

Anne is happy to deliver online training on all the issues on which she gives courses. Webinars in a recent brief period give an indication of the diversity of topics she is asked for:

  • supporting language and literacy with children with English as an additional language in the early years
  • delivering online storytelling
  • online rhyme times
  • looked after children's learning: the carer's role

What people say about Anne’s mentoring and consultancy

Thank you for the session this afternoon, it was really good, interesting and informative. Some really great ideas.

Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking webinar.

Everyone loved hearing the strategies you shared. They were writing loads down.

I'm going to start using the ideas you talked about right away.

You were great!

I found your training session very useful. We covered a lot of important issues. Thanks also for your handouts. They are very useful.

Great delivery, energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable. I liked the data and guidance links and quotes that applied.

Thank you for today's training, staff are telling me how much they enjoyed today.

Although I've never done rhyme time before, yesterday's training session should give me enough knowledge to carry out rhyme time sessions efficiently in the near future.

Extremely useful. Thank you.

Many thanks for training us up yesterday and for giving out useful handouts as promised. I really appreciate it.