Kirsty McKay, Ogres Do Disco, illustrated by Chris Judge

Andersen, 2016, ISBN 978-1-78344-296-6

Ogres Do Disco is a sequel to Ogres Don't Dance, though it works fine as a stand-alone title. Ogden the ogre has been cured of his human-eating ways by his dance-besotted human friend Willow, and now they divide their time between dancing, detective work and Ogden's responsibility for the village jail, which is getting very full of monsters and other problem creatures he has caught. He is very quick on his two left feet in their glittering pink wellies. They are busy practising for Big Disco Night, with help from Willow's glamorous boogying grandmother Jiggy, and her aunt Fenella, who is kitting them both out. Willow is to have a sparkly trouser and top outfit, and Ogden is very excited about a spangly new dress. But their rehearsals are interrupted by tales of the disappearance of several of the village's grandmothers. Soon they are hot on the trail, and before long they find the culprit. The grannies have been kidnapped by a terrifying and enormous turkey. It's a case that needs all their ingenuity and all of Ogden's height and strength.

The kidnapped grannies are rather clichéd with their passion for knitting, though their hobby is put to good use, and fortunately Jiggy provides a very positive alternative granny role model, and neither Willow nor Ogden conform to gender convention.

An entertaining adventure with amusing illustrations, this will appeal to six year-olds and up as a read-aloud or for key stage 2 children to read for themselves.