Know your authors

Surveys have highlighted a lack of awareness of contemporary books among many primary and secondary school teachers. The aim of this course is to extend teachers' and school library staff's knowledge of valuable modern children's books and authors, and explore how they can best be used to support literacy, foster wider learning and encourage reading enjoyment.

This is a very practical and hands-on course. It can be adapted for staff at key stages 1 and 2, for teachers and librarians working at key stage 3, or for a cross-phase audience of key stage 2 and 3 teachers and librarians. Anne tailors all her training to delegate needs.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • more understanding of the need for and value of books by good modern authors in the classroom and library
  • the context in terms of Ofsted and the national curriculum
  • increased awareness of a wide range of high quality children’s books and authors
  • opportunities for detailed exploration of books by some of the best contemporary children’s authors and their strengths in inspiring reading enjoyment
  • strategies to support literacy through new and established authors
  • practical ideas for supporting curriculum subjects and for cross-curricular use

The course is backed up with extensive handouts.

What people say about this course

Wonderful day. Lots of ideas as well as books to enhance our reading curriculum.

What a fantastic course! Anne has opened my eyes to a variety of authors that I have never heard of and that will use in school from now on.

Informative course with lovely, inspiring resources that will have me running back to my school full of ideas! Thank you for rekindling my love of children’s books.

Fantastic way to find out about new authors.

I have lots of constructive ideas and information to take back with me and feel a lot more confident about recommending different authors.

A great opportunity to explore texts, become familiar with authors and consider how they could be used in the curriculum. Can’t wait to get back to school and put it all into practice.

Such useful, pertinent information, and I found it so helpful to liaise with other tachers. The day sped by.

Loved the course! Inspirational. So useful to share authors and books. I’d love to do this once a term.

Excellent expertise and information.

Very enjoyable, informative and insightful. It was great to explore new authors, meet other librarians and exchange ideas to promote books.

Lots of new ideas for books/authors to suggest to colleagues to support new curriculum development.

Good to have time to reflect on my current practice.

Fabulous course. It has reignited the flame to promote reading for pleasure in my school.

Really interesting subject and very engrossing speaker!

A good range of books and very interesting discussion points. I have taken some very strong ideas that can be incorporated across the school.

Rejuvenating and inspiring.

A fantastic opportunity to explore new authors - lovely to have time to leaf through beautiful books and consider how they could be used effectively.

Well worth every penny!

Excellent day. Very informative. Lots of new ideas which I will be implementing in our school.