Christinea Donnelly, Know it All Find it
Fast for Youth Librarians and Teachers

Facet, 2012, ISBN 978-1-85604-761-6

This is a valuable guide to online and printed sources of information on a vast array of topics. The index starts with A-levels and ends with zoos, which gives an indication of its range. It is designed to help librarians and teachers answer enquiries from children and young people and from parents and carers. Christinea Donnelly is Development Officer for Young People at Bradford Libraries, and her experience of dealing with enquiries is very much in evidence here.

The book is well-researched and easy to use. There are four broad sections: General Sources; School Subjects; School and Home Life - Issues and Concerns; Hobbies, Leisure and Sport. These sections are subdivided by topic. Part 3 for example includes bereavement, bullying, drugs and smoking, English as an additional language, homework, special educational needs and disability, work experience. The coverage of each topic follows the same pattern: Typical questions (the sorts of enquiries likely on the subject); Considerations (background information, including programmes of study with national curriculum subjects); Where to look (listings of books, then websites); and, where appropriate, Tips and Pitfalls (advice for dealing with enquiries on complex or sensitive issues).

Inevitably, as with any printed resource, even one as recent as this, some information and links are no longer valid. Certain topics are more relevant in the public library than the school one, but there is a great deal of value in a school context. I discovered lots of useful websites and books that I did not know about. What a shame that the price tag of £49.95 (20% less for CILIP members) will put this helpful publication beyond the budgets of many potential purchasers.