Information literacy in the secondary
school and college library

Practical training for secondary school and further education librarians on the meaning and importance of information literacy and ways to support it through the library.

Anne always tailors her courses to learner needs, and offers face-to-face and online training. She provides full set of handouts.

Participants can expect to gain:

  • greater awareness of the value of the library in fostering independent learning
  • more understanding of skills-based learning and the role of information literacy in the curriculum
  • methods for helping students learn how to find information, evaluate sources critically and use and communicate information effectively
  • strategies for widening students' search horizons and reducing cut and paste and plagiarism
  • ideas for developing a cross-curricular programme of information handling skills

What people say about this training

Excellent! Really, really helpful and enjoyable. Good balance of small/larger group work. The practical exercise was particularly helpful, and the handouts are packed full of useful information. Best library training I've had!

I learnt the importance of information literacy and the growing impact that it is having across the whole school spectrum.

I bumped into my Line Manager on my way back in to school and found myself blurting out to him all the wonderful things I had learned and how I was going to use them. He looked rather bemused at being confronted with such a very excited librarian!

Thought-provoking. Good to hear about practical applications for information literacy in different schools. Very helpful course.

Anne Harding is really clear and helpful. I am much clearer on what this is all about and how to implement it in my school. I have been enlightened about Marland, Exit, Bloom’s taxonomy and Plus, all of which went completely over my head before!

Very enjoyable. Great for sharing ideas. Made you think about what you are doing well and not so well. Anne is very friendly and relaxed which makes for excellent exchanges.

This has given me more ammunition for the radical change I need to bring about in the way the library is used by staff and students.

It’s been very informative! Really made me think again about what worked well and didn’t in my teaching of information skills.

Very useful. Lots of ideas to take back to school and use.

This has been very thought-provoking. It has been helpful in thinking about what constitutes information literacy and the best ways to incorporate it into the curriculum. Group discussion and feedback was very interesting.

Very interesting and useful. Really good ideas to take away and try. Group working was enjoyable and a good way of sharing ideas and good practice.

This course has really made me think about what I can do in my school and how I can do more. Encouraging more teachers in etc. Very thought provoking and energising.

Very useful. Session was well-paced and highlighted many practical ideas for changing approaches to teaching and learning in the information literacy domain. Enjoyed hearing ideas/situations from other libraries/library staff. Most enjoyable!

Learning how learning takes place was most useful as it influences so much on what we do to help individuals/groups.

I feel armed for action! The course has given me confidence in the value of pushing the library forward in the school to make it central to learning.