Information literacy in the primary school library

This training course explores the role of the primary school library in supporting information literacy and identifies practical strategies for teaching and reinforcing information and library skills across the curriculum.

The course is suitable for library and literacy coordinators and other interested staff. Anne always adapts the course to local needs and circumstances. The course is accompanied by a full set of handouts.

Participants can expect to gain:

  • more awareness of the value of the school library in supporting pupils' learning
  • greater understanding of the importance of information and library skills
  • extra methods for teaching pupils how to find, evaluate and handle information
  • subject-based and cross-curricular strategies for supporting information skills
  • new ideas for a progressive, whole-school approach to information literacy
  • opportunities to share good practice

What people say about this course

I feel far more/better informed. I am now going to plan inset for the whole staff and revise/review current lesson plans for KS1 & 2.

I left with lots of areas to think about. The progression of skills through the years was particularly interesting.

Other staff, non-library connected, would find this kind of information literacy useful, because it's cross-curricular and linked to teaching and learning skills.