Homework help

Anne offers training to homework club workers and school and library staff on homework help and how to make its delivery as valuable and supportive to children as possible.

Anne tailors every homework help course to local needs and requirements.

Her courses are backed up with comprehensive information packs.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • greater understanding of the role of homework help and homework clubs
  • more knowledge of the national curriculum and how it informs homework
  • more awareness of current and up-coming changes in education and their implications for homework help
  • extra skills and confidence in helping children and young people
  • more awareness of children’s needs and learning styles and how to support them
  • strategies for supporting children with special educational needs
  • insight into appropriate resources and ways to help children use them
  • ideas for widening children’s searches and reducing cut and paste and plagiarism

What people say about this training

Very useful, especially the practical sessions, as these really make you consider all resources at your disposal, and which may be the most useful.

I really enjoyed this training day and it will be very useful. It has familiarised me with the ages and abilities of different years in the school and has taught me more of what is expected from children at school today.

It was fantastically presented and the group discussions were very helpful, especially on child behaviour and tips from other libraries.

Has increased my confidence in utilising resources and guiding children through their research.

Course was very well presented. Good level of handouts and case studies were very interesting. Have a lot of points to add to my checklist when helping and guiding customers.

Anne gave us lots of information and ideas to think about and support our job on a daily basis. We also leave more confident that what we are doing is working and how we can improve how we work with children.

Has made me feel enthusiastic about homework help.