Graphic novels and picture books

Graphic novels and picture books have a valuable role to play in developing children’s and young people’s reading skills and motivation and their wider learning. However many people lack the knowledge and confidence to exploit them effectively.

This training analyses the benefits of graphic novels and picture books, establishes assessment and selection criteria, and identifies practical strategies for using them successfully. Delegates explore a wide range of excellent publications.

Anne delivers graphic novel and picture book training for secondary school teachers and librarians and for key stage 2 teachers and support staff. She is very happy to provide cross-phase key stage 2 and 3 training on this topic. The training is also available as inset.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • more understanding of the value of graphic novels and picture books
  • more confidence in choosing and using them
  • opportunities to discuss issues and concerns
  • methods for using picture books and graphic novels to boost reading enjoyment
  • ideas for developing speaking and listening, literacy, comprehension, thinking skills and research
  • ways to support subject teaching and foster literacy across the curriculum
  • ideas for creative activities
  • greater knowledge of effective titles for the library and classroom

Anne adapts all her training to client and delegate needs. Delegates receive extensive handouts, including weblinks, publication lists and effective strategies to implement.

What people say about this training

It was great having a course just focused on graphic novels and picture books. There is so much work that can be done with this medium.

This was wonderful and I have learnt so much. I shall use the analysis techniques.

The course really encouraged me to expand my horizons and challenge my perceptions. A wonderful session. I would highly recommend it to colleagues.

I have taken loads of great ideas and look forward to trying them all.

Fantastic course. A lot more to picture books/graphic novels than I would have thought. Interesting to see some with lead girl characters. Seeing history and biography in graphic novel form very interesting too.

Really engaging and very interesting. I feel more confident in talking about graphic novels and picture books.

Lots of ideas to take away. Very well organised. Great content discussed. Good pacing of topics. Great selection of books to look at.

Brilliant. Learned lots.

Great course! Anne selected an excellent range of titles and provided plenty of time for discussion, and gave supportive, positive feedback.

Fantastic, so helpful. A wonderful day! Great to look at so many books and share notes with others.

I have enjoyed the day and the range of books to look at. It was very interesting to see the range of non-fiction books available.

This has opened my eyes and given me ideas. Anne is wonderful.

Fantastic selection to look at. Great discussion and well facilitated. I learned a lot about the use of picture books and graphic novels and feel well equipped (and passionate) to ensure this filters to my school.

Excellent. So much more to picture books than I would ever have known. Great speaker. Fantastic books to look at.

Excellent opportunity to look at books and hear what others with more experience think.

Very helpful, especially assessing books, working in groups. Anne is always methodical and clear when running her workshops. Leaving feeling more confident.

Excellent - really enjoyed just focusing on graphic novels/picture books and learning about new titles.