Girls and reading

There are increasing concerns about girls’ engagement with reading.

Anne’s courses identify effective strategies for increasing girls’ interest and pleasure in books and reading.

Anne provides courses relating to the primary or secondary age-group, and cross-sector training. Her courses are suitable for literacy coordinators, teachers, teaching assistants, school and public library staff and learning support staff.

These courses are practical and interactive, and are accompanied by valuable sets of handouts.

All Anne’s training is tailored to local circumstances and needs.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • more knowledge and understanding of girls’ relationship with reading
  • latest research
  • new ideas for making books, reading and libraries positive experiences for girls
  • greater awareness of books and other resources that appeal to girls and ideas for exploiting them
  • methods for engaging girls in reading across the curriculum
  • ideas for changing the reading ethos and culture in schools and beyond

What people say about this training

Superb ideas. I am glad girls are getting the attention and encouragement they need! I will certainly be using what I have leant as soon as I get back to school.

I am going to make myself a schedule to use all the ideas I now have to make non-readers now readers.

Well-organised and well-structured course which targeted effectively the subject under discussion.

Thanks for a very enjoyable 'Girls Reading' course, I came away motivated with lots of ideas and activities to get them all reading. We have already had 'Boys Only' & 'Girls Only' days which were a great success.

Very informative. Breaking down barriers and trying to make reading more enjoyable. Lots of ideas given and shared. Excellent.

Very motivational - great practical ideas - wonderful to chat with others who are experts. An inspiring delivery by Anne! Non-threatening and reassuring!

Will return to work feeling much more positive about dealing with the problem of ‘lack of reading’ and armed with some very useful ideas.

A joy to spend the day talking and learning about books - the day flew by.