Primary school libraries: getting started

This is an important and practical course for teachers and teaching assistants with new responsibility for the school library. The course explores the aims of school libraries and cost-effective ways to run them successfully. There are opportunities throughout the day for delegates to raise concerns about their libraries and get solutions to them.

The course is backed up with an extremely useful set of handouts.

Anne adapts all her courses to local circumstances and needs.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • more understanding of the role of the library
  • knowledge about library budgets and how to select and buy library resources
  • greater awareness of issue systems and how to use them
  • ideas for making the library accessible and attractive, including layout, guiding, displays and furniture
  • strategies for supporting pupils’ reading skills and enjoyment in the library
  • more confidence in managing the school library

This is a stand-alone course, but has also been designed as the first of a two-part training programme. The follow-up course is Primary school libraries: fulfilling their potential.

What people say about this course

Lots of thanks for a very beneficial, relevant and thought-provoking course. Lots of really inspiring and practical ideas that have got me thinking of next steps.

A very helpful session, lots of sharing of ideas, and tailored very much to our individual needs. Lots of useful handouts and example literature.

This has made me realise the importance of the library and how much it can impact on children’s reading development. I am excited to get back into school and get cracking.

I’ve come away feeling inspired in my new literacy coordinator role and can’t wait to put many of the ideas into practice.

Excellent course. Plenty of ideas. I feel more confident and am looking forward to getting my school library up and running.

A very enjoyable course with lots of ideas. There were lots of opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas. Lots of things to do at school.

Feel very positive about setting up the library - felt intimidated before.

Great course with lots of opportunity for discussion, and new ideas. I am looking forward to putting them into practice in our new library.

This course was excellent. I have gone away with many fresh and new ideas that hopefully I can implement as soon as possible.

A really useful course. I am going away very inspired and want to get going on our library.