Fostering reading in special schools

Anne's courses and inset on promoting reading in special schools identify practical ways to develop children's literacy skills, increase the appeal and accessibility of reading and books, and nurture reading enjoyment.

Anne tailors all her training to local needs and circumstances. She delivers bespoke inset for individual special schools and provides regional training courses for groups of schools.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • more understanding of the issues pupils with SEN face in terms of reading
  • new strategies for promoting literacy skills and enjoyment in the classroom and beyond
  • ways to support reading in all areas of the formal and informal curriculum
  • multi-sensory approaches and authentic literacy contexts
  • more awareness of resources to encourage reading
  • strategies for developing literacy through picture and other books
  • ideas for effective book corners and class libraries

Delegates receive comprehensive information packs with links to useful websites and publications, tips on good practice, pointers on effective reading materials, research data and more besides.

What people say about this training

This was spot-on.

Lots of information to discuss - springboard for a range of developments in the school.

Affirmation and encouragement in current practice but scaffolded to think of things afresh and better.

Loads of great ideas that I want to try out.

Great day. Loved photos, quotes and relevant information that was presented by Anne. I hope to implement some of the extensive ideas in my classroom.

Sharing ideas with other professionals and looking at a range of resources was very useful.

Excellent day - inspirational, full of ideas that would be easily applied, i.e. exciting and practical. Terrific course.

Loved it, inspiring ways to bring texts to readers.

I’m going to embed literature at the heart of learning.

Ideas for story corners, being reminded of the importance of reading for enjoyment, importance of classroom environment, importance of books regardless of age and ability, all most useful.

Very interesting to hear from other teachers in a similar setting.

All relevant, especially about parental importance. I am going to make more use of shared reading and less formal reading, and book centred topic webs.

It allowed me to refresh - recall things I have done before and learn new strategies.

Made me think - invaluable.

The analysis of reading materials and resources was especially useful.

Excellent. All very useful. Anne was very good at steering the discussions while being flexible.

Great day - great to discuss ideas especially ways to support reading skills and enjoyment.

I will be reviewing our school priorities and looking at current practice.