Family literacy

Many parents and carers struggle to support their children's reading. Family literacy is increasingly recognised as a valuable tool for promoting not only literacy skills, but also positive attitudes to books and reading, and to learning generally.

Anne draws on extensive experience as a family literacy tutor in the training she provides on this important issue.

Anne's family literacy training is suitable for family learning workers, children's centre staff, early years practitioners, literacy coordinators, class teachers and support staff, school and public library staff. She gives courses for local authorities and national and regional organisations and provides inset for individual schools and other settings.

Course coverage varies according to setting and need, but in all cases is likely to encompass:

  • the role and benefits of family literacy
  • current research and good practice
  • barriers to literacy and learning and methods for overcoming them
  • strategies for supporting literacy and promoting reading enjoyment in families
  • appropriate content and structure for family literacy sessions
  • parents' and carers' concerns and tips for responding to them

Where appropriate, extra topics to be explored might include:

  • children’s reading development
  • exploiting children’s books effectively in family literacy contexts
  • the role of libraries in supporting family literacy.

Delegates receive comprehensive information packs.

What people say about this training

Excellent. Very useful ideas on how to get families involved in literacy.

Great course - have got lots of ideas to go back to school and try. Friendly. Inspired.

Gave me lots of enthusiasm to start a family literacy support group with some parents at school and lots of practical pointers on how to start it, what it involves etc.

An inspirational course. All made relevant to everyone. Lovely chances to learn from each other and to discuss and share ideas. A fantastic pace, slow enough to process and ponder.

Good 'sneaky' ideas and activities to try and get parents involved. Good to unpick how important reading is for daily life and future skills.

A very helpful and informative course. Lots of good ideas about getting families involved.

Really made me reflect on my priorities and enabled me to resurrect some 'lost' values and ideas in relation to a love of reading.

It has been really useful to meet with other people who are trying to achieve the same goals as me and share experiences and ideas.

A lovely pace, allowing time to discuss and ponder new ideas and how they can work in each of our settings. Excellent.

Really interesting course, with lots of information and practical ideas.

This course has made me review our methods/ways of communicating with parents in our school and given me ideas of new ways to engage with families.

I have gained renewed enthusiasm to progress this area of work - it feels achievable now!