Family learning

Practical CPD training on family learning and methods for delivering it effectively.

Anne gives family learning courses for family support workers, community development workers, children's centre staff, early years practitioners, teachers, LSAs, library staff, and museum and heritage staff.

She provides in-service training for local authorities, schools, museums and other organisations, and national and regional courses. She adapts all her training to local circumstances and needs, and offers face-to-face and online options.

Participants can expect to gain:

  • greater awareness of the meaning, role and benefits of family learning
  • increased knowledge of current research and good practice
  • more understanding of barriers to learning and ways to surmount them
  • tips for engaging parents, carers and the wider family
  • ideas for appropriate content and structure for family learning sessions
  • methods for planning, monitoring and evaluating family learning projects

Anne provides extensive information packs to back up the training, including research findings, sources of further information, success factors and pointers for monitoring and evaluation.

What people say about this training

What a wonderful day! Feel empowered and knowledgeable to create lots of new sessions and activities.

Excellent theoretical and practical content. I feel very enthusiastic about the project.

Brilliant delivery. New ideas introduced. Old ideas given new life to me. The session made me re-evaluate my impact as a learning provider and enabled me to re-see from the point of view of a participant.

There's so much I've learned and will be taking back with me. Your knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. I can't wait to try out some ideas.

Very inspirational.

Anne's style is very inclusive and positive (in keeping with the essence of family learning!) and you were very knowledgeable. Many thanks for adapting your materials for our team.

Very enlightening. Made you think about what/why we do things with families and also all the good we already do but might not realise.

Good mix of theory and practical exercises.

Learnt a lot of ideas about supporting and engaging families through family learning, e.g. approaches, learning styles, barriers as well as to evaluate activities/sessions. We discussed various practices of family learning to develop self-confidence and self esteem of adults and young people, ways to support and empower hard-to-reach and deprived communities.

Very good. Good discussions and made me think about how we can partner more and focus on activities for different communities.

Anne was great - clear and enthusiastic and came with personal experiences that were shared.

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative course. Anne is an excellent trainer and made the subject come alive. It's so interesting to examples of projects, to see how family learning can take on many forms but benefit so many. Excellent.

Timely reminder that we don't have to do formal literacy activities for it to be learning.

Anne is very good in explaining and listening. I have learnt a lot today. Thank you for such an exciting day.

After the training I feel I have the confidence to start contacting interested parties and getting started on content and structure.