Effective story reading

Practical, enjoyable, interactive training on reading aloud successfully.

This course examines the importance of reading to children and identifies strategies for choosing and using books for maximum impact and appeal. There are opportunities throughout to raise concerns and share good practice.

Anne's story reading training is appropriate for early years practitioners, teachers and learning support assistants, library staff, parents and carers, and anyone keen to develop their techniques and confidence.

Participants can expect to gain

  • more understanding of the value of reading aloud
  • practical ideas for engaging audiences and boosting participation and enjoyment
  • greater insight about the components of good books for sharing
  • more awareness of the value of props and artefacts and ways to use them well
  • increased confidence and skills in selecting books and delivering story times

The course is accompanied by a valuable handout of tips for successful story sessions.

What people say about this training

Lots of ideas to inspire us and learn from.

I would recommend this course to my colleagues, especially those who don't feel they have the confidence to deliver a story!

Very enjoyable. Very fun. Very informative. A lovely supportive, safe environment.

A good introduction into the principles of storytelling. I really appreciated the opportunity to watch others demonstrate their storytelling techniques and listen to their methods for dealing with non-compliant adults. The session really allowed time for conversation and thought.

What we have learnt today has given plenty of information to reflect on and grow in our storytelling.

Very enjoyable and very rewarding. I've learnt a lot. This course should enable me to perform a lot better next time I'm put down for story telling. The story telling tips sheet is very helpful too.

A nice course which helps you to think about your delivery of a story session i.e. audience, age, type of story you wish to read in a given time, location etc.

Anne was very reassuring - there are no real rights or wrongs.

The criteria for choosing books and all the tricks for engaging children and parents have been clearly presented and explained.

Listening to everybody else reading their stories was tremendous fun and everybody had something different to offer - some interesting ideas which I plan to pirate and pass off as my own!

The actual practice of reading out loud to each other was enabling.

I always look forward to training with Anne - her sessions are always well structured, filled with her experience and delivered clearly with purpose and enthusiasm. She makes the potentially frightening feel within reach. Her ability to give confidence and inspire is very valuable. She is also very good at making one realise one's own existing abilities.