Making the most of your school library

This popular training explores the role of the school library in supporting children's learning and identifies practical strategies to maximise its effectiveness.

Anne's courses are suitable for library and literacy leaders, school librarians and other interested primary, lower and middle school staff. She offers face-to-face and online courses on this topic for schools library services and bespoke whole school inset.

She tailors all her training to local circumstances and needs.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • greater understanding of the value and potential of the school library
  • additional methods for exploiting the library and its resources
  • ways to support all areas of the curriculum and cross-curricular learning
  • extra strategies for fostering information skills and independent learning
  • new ideas for promoting reading skills and enjoyment
  • more confidence in managing and developing the school library

The training is accompanied by an extensive set of back-up materials.

What people say about this training

Fantastic and inspirational.

A real revelation to me as to how to make a library the focus of the school, and how reading should be fun, not a chore.

Really interesting ideas and thought-provoking discussion. Has really made me think about how I can integrate the library more effectively into my teaching. I can start using these ideas immediately!

Very interesting. Has given me lots to think about when using the library in the future. Lots of good information and ideas to use with children when teaching topics.

Lots of great ideas for enjoyable and educational activities. I have been inspired to make my library sessions much more fun!

Brilliant course. Highlights the areas that we can work on and has really encouraged me to use the library resource more.

Gave me a whole host of ideas for the school library and how to make it more effective and valued.

Lots of good ideas on how to use the library more effectively, and a good reminder of its importance and usefulness and that it should be a priority on the weekly timetable for each class.

Thank you for a wonderful library inset. It was most informative and full of interesting ideas which will enable us to develop an interesting, interactive library area.

This course has fitted in so well with our school's aim of re-introducing creativity in the curriculum.

I’ve learnt so much it’s impossible to write it all down - so many ways to improve and develop our library and to promote reading.