Effective children’s enquiry work

A practical and interactive course for library staff on children’s homework and reading enquiries and methods for responding to them appropriately and supportively.

Anne adapts this course to local requirements.

The course is accompanied by a full set of back-up materials.

Specific learning outcomes include:

  • more awareness of children’s needs and ways to meet them effectively
  • greater knowledge of current practices in education
  • more understanding of the role of homework help and how to deliver it well
  • extra strategies for answering children’s enquiries about recreational reading
  • more confidence when answering enquiries from and about children

What people say about this course

The course will give me more confidence in answering enquiries and more knowledge of where to look for children based information.

Current educational provision was most useful. Very useful to learn what is actually on the curriculum and what is expected of children in specific year groups.

I will definitely be trying to think outside the box more.