Class visits to libraries

Practical training for public library staff on class visits.

Anne’s courses explore the role of class visits and identify strategies for achieving an effective class visits policy and programme.

She delivers class visit training to regional library bodies and individual library services.

Anne always tailors her courses to local requirements. Training can focus on strategic and policy issues for librarians and managers, or practical applications for frontline library staff, or can cover all these aspects for a mix of staff.

Anne offers face-to-face and online courses.

Participants can expect to gain:

  • greater understanding of the role and benefits of class visits
  • more knowledge of current educational practices and priorities and their implications for class visits
  • ways to make visits relevant to schools and successful and enjoyable for children
  • new ideas for supporting learning and developing library skills
  • extra strategies for promoting reading for pleasure
  • tips for sharing books effectively
  • greater confidence in promoting, organising and delivering visits

Delegates on all Anne’s class visit courses receive comprehensive back-up materials.

What people say about these courses

Wonderful day. Very inspired to get on and get the children into the library.

Great ideas throughout, lots of new approaches to try. I feel more confident taking on future class visits.

Anne was a great facilitator and provided lots of information. She also got us talking, thinking and evaluating.

This was lively, informative and a spur to action. Very relevant to our experience and allowed us to voice our thoughts and questions.

A very useful day spent brainstorming the issues and aims around class visits and the practicalities of the various models discussed.

I feel really inspired. It was great to have so much practical advice and so much focus on actual books.

Lots of great ideas. Made me appreciate the need to develop an authority wide plan for prioritising and delivering class visits.

The information on learning styles and the school curriculum was very, very welcome.

Really, really useful. Great ideas for improving the class visit offer and communicating better with schools.

Great course. Really got some good ideas about how to arrange/lead a school visit. Lovely the way everyone felt able to contribute.

Will be invaluable in planning a programme.

Excellent approach. Practical and strategic issues considered. Very good supporting documentation. Very thorough. Altogether very helpful.

Fantastic. I leant loads. I will try and create fun filled class visits, with many hands on tasks and activities. I would recommend to others.

Lots of ways to interact with children and engage their interest. I feel a lot more confident about doing visits.

Has galvanised me into action. Will abandon worksheets and do more interactive activities on class visits.

Very professional delivery and content. Thought it might be quite prescriptive, but this wasn't the case at all - lots of thoughts to take away and build on.

Useful to be reminded to think outside the box about the way different books could be used to engage children visiting the library.

Very well-presented way to consolidate all the ideas about giving class visits. It really did make us think about planning in more depth.

I feel enthusiasm about putting what I have learnt into practice. Up to now, class visits have been a daunting necessity to get over.