Children’s library services for social inclusion

Research has highlighted the importance of redesigning public library services to meet the needs of people who are socially excluded.

This course examines the issues in relation to services for children and young people, and assists in developing strategies for improving provision.

Anne runs this course jointly with John Vincent. John is Networker for The Network and is an independent trainer, consultant and lecturer. He has many years’ library experience and is well known for his work on social exclusion.

Course objectives:

  • to create a greater awareness and understanding of social exclusion
  • to give more understanding of how it impacts on children and young people
  • to identify socially excluded groups of children and young people
  • to examine the strengths and weaknesses of current provision
  • to explore strategies for developing social inclusion policies and practices
  • to develop a shared vision of service priorities
  • to instigate an action plan

Anne and John provide this training for individual library services and for national and regional library bodies. They always tailor it to local circumstances and needs.

Delegates on this course receive an extensive information pack.

What people say about this course

An eye opener.

Based in reality. Really starting to understand what social inclusion looks like - and more importantly, how I can do something to improve it.

Very informative course. Two excellent trainers. Obviously a lot of personal experience.

The trainers were excellent. They reacted to the needs of the group and enabled us to work through a wide range of issues.

Great thought provoking course. Delivered in a very comfortable but still structured way. Covered so many areas in a short time. So many ideas to take away and share.

Good mixture of group work/larger group sessions. Especially good way of finding out from others - what's happening in other authorities.

It's been great to spend time with your direction and guidance to look at where we are and where we need to go in order to improve access to services and develop new services.