Children’s book awards

Many local authorities and regional organisations organise annual children’s and young people's book awards, a highly effective method for engaging children and young people with books.

Anne provides training for teachers, librarians and other interested staff to explore ways to make local book awards a success.

Anne always adapts her book awards training to the parameters of the award in question.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • more understanding of the role and value of the local book award
  • practical strategies for exploiting it effectively
  • new ideas for promoting reading in the classroom, library and other contexts
  • interesting ways to use the short-listed books
  • ideas for successful reading groups

Delegates receive a comprehensive information pack.

What people say about this training

Useful, with lots of practical ideas being shared. I'm left feeling enthused.

A very enjoyable and informative session with plenty of exciting ideas and insight.

I now have some lovely ideas regarding activities to do with children. Also have other ideas for promoting reading in the whole school.

Lots of ideas on promoting reading throughout the school, and how to persuade SMT and staff to take the book award on board.