Children and families in libraries

Popular training on successful library provision for children and families.

Anne's courses identify methods for attracting children and families to libraries, meeting their needs and encouraging family literacy and learning.

Anne tailors all her training to local needs and circumstances. She offers face-to-face and online courses.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • more understanding of children’s and families’ needs and how libraries can help
  • ideas for family-friendly libraries
  • greater knowledge of current educational practice and how it relates to libraries
  • increased awareness of children’s reading development and family literacy
  • extra strategies for promoting effective and continuing library use
  • new ideas for supporting literacy and promoting reading enjoyment
  • greater confidence when helping children, parents and carers
  • priorities for action

The course is backed up with an extensive set of handouts.

What people say about this training

Fantastic discussion points and feedback. Brilliant.

I have learned a lot and had the opportunity to re-evaluate issues that I thought I knew. The course has provided me with new ways of looking into children’s reading development and needs.

Excellent. Informative and inspiring. Wish I’d had this when I started.

Fascinating and engaging course that really makes you think about the service and what we offer in a realistic way.

Really useful. Helped clarify thinking around reading, activities, presentation and engagement. Feel more enthusiastic about working in children’s library.

Very interesting day. Made us look at the service we provide to children and families at the moment and how we can/could improve.

The education and reading development session was particularly useful - helped to put reading in a broader context.

Really useful - particularly talking about different attitudes and what can encourage children’s learning.

Very useful. Learnt more about how to approach parents and children. Interesting discussions and exchange of experiences will help me to deal with certain issues.

I learnt to reassess my own attitudes and be more proactive.

Very interesting and informative. I feel energised, confident and inspired by this thorough and thought-provoking course.

The session on service delivery was most useful - ideas for bringing families in and encouraging children.

Found the info about key stages etc really helpful.

Amazed at how much we’ve been able to cover in the space of a few hours.

Very interesting. Has opened my eyes to the very important role libraries play in children’s lives.

Really enjoyed the course and feel very enthusiastic with things I can go back to my library and try.