Dealing with challenging behaviour from teenagers

Teenagers are not always perfectly behaved, and at times this can create tensions and challenges. Anne provides interactive training for school and public library staff and practitioners in cultural and heritage organisations to explore effective ways to deal with disruptive behaviour by teenagers. There are opportunities throughout to share concerns and good practice.

This course is suitable as local authority, regional, national and in-service training.

Participants receive comprehensive back-up material to complement the course.

Expected learning outcomes

  • more understanding of teenagers
  • increased awareness of the causes of challenging behaviour
  • ideas for good two-way communication with teenagers
  • tips for reducing the likelihood of problematic behaviour
  • practical strategies for managing behaviour issues
  • greater confidence

What people say about this training

Anne encouraged discussion which meant staff shared experiences, how they dealt with them, what works and what doesn't. Anne provided ideas and suggestions as well as quotes from teenagers' point of view and encouraged us to remember what being a teenager was like.

Lots of useful information. Eye-opening. Saw things from a different point of view. Would be good for everyone to do this course.

I would recommend this to colleagues. I think it's really important for staff not to feel alone.

Really useful. It gave great insight as to how teenagers think and behave. It has made me look at my own actions.

Very positive and informative. It's good to be reminded that there are other methods than to be confrontational.

Very informative. Lots of ideas that we can put into practice.

Loved the small group work. Really got everyone thinking about behaviours of staff and teens and how to tackle behaviour in a positive way.

Feel more confident in approaching teenagers.

Very useful, allows you to hear other people's opinions and experiences. Challenges you to think how you can deal with situations differently in the future.

Very well structured. A good mix of slides/listening to trainer and small group work which fed into discussions about the issues facing frontline staff and how to deal with these.

Makes you think about your approach to teenagers.

The reflection on what it feels like to be a teenager was so useful. I think we all forget at times.

Plenty of opportunities to explore what has worked well plus useful insights into teens to help empathise with them. Given encouragement to take positive approach.

Very helpful. It made me stop and think about how I would handle certain situations. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and positive attitude of the trainer.

This course would be useful for all staff: ideas on how to handle behaviour; understanding of strategies; what to say/what not to say etc.

Straightforward and very useful.