Building blocks to communication and literacy

Practical, interactive training on developing oracy and literacy in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Anne's courses explore a wide range of inclusive methods for building language and communication skills and delivering literacy as an integral part of everything the setting or school does, to help children become independent and happy learners.

Anne provides training on this topic for early years practitioners, literacy leaders, reception teachers, learning support assistants, library staff, childminders and other carers. Her training is suitable for national, regional and local authority training, and as inset. She adapts all her courses to specific circumstances and learner needs.

Participants can expect to gain

  • greater understanding of language and literacy development
  • tips for supporting language and literacy and creating a literacy-rich environment
  • ideas for integrating oracy and literacy into all aspects of teaching and learning
  • methods to develop skills and enjoyment through play
  • more confidence in choosing and using books and other resources
  • strategies for supporting inclusive practice with learners of all abilities
  • new ideas for helping parents and carers to support language and literacy

Anne provides extensive handouts to accompany this training.

What people say about this training

This has truly been an inspirational day. We have covered so much, refreshed my knowledge and brought new ideas to improve my practice and support colleagues in theirs. The session on books was particularly enlightening and informative. Thank you for bringing such knowledge and passion.

I really enjoyed what I have learnt today and feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge with the PowerPoints and group talk.

A very good overview of literacy and language development and its links link to reading which will really help us in our partnership work with other settings.

Really engaging and relevant. Enjoyed Anne's delivery. Great to get together with colleagues and share ideas!

I will put my greater understanding of children's development to use when planning and selecting books to read, and will inform parents of how effective they can be at home in a supportive, positive way.

Information sources to support my professional knowledge and understanding and suggestions for books promoting inclusion and diversity.

Loved the practical ideas and discussion around EYFS books which will help shape creative sessions with families.

Very good. Great ideas for engaging parents. Good examples of best practice in other authorities.

The greatest impact of this course for me is the real big importance of linking communication and literacy in everyday learning for children. I will put what I have learnt into practice to help the children.