Boys and reading

Anne provides a variety of courses that explore boys’ reading and identify effective strategies for inspiring boys to read, in the classroom, the library and beyond. She gives training on the subject for literacy coordinators, teachers, school and public library staff and learning support staff.

She tailors every course to local circumstances and needs, and is happy to focus on the primary or the secondary age-group or to give generic cross-sector training.

All Anne’s boys and reading courses are highly participative, with opportunities throughout to share concerns, ideas and good practice. All are accompanied by extensive handouts.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • greater understanding of the issues surrounding boys’ reading
  • the context in terms of latest research, Ofsted and the curriculum
  • successful strategies for exciting boys about books and reading
  • practical methods for engaging reluctant readers
  • more knowledge of appropriate books for boys
  • new ways to exploit books and other resources
  • ideas for developing a reading ethos and culture among boys

What people say about this training

Fabulous! Such an informative course. Your courses are always jammed packed with the most interesting tips, suggestions, debate and current thinking! I am still buzzing!

The course was absolutely fantastic and has provided me with some real food for thought. I’m going straight to the literacy coordinator to implement some of these ideas school-wide.

Wow! Thank you so much for this rich experience to discuss the issues surrounding boys reading. The opportunity to discuss with others and share ideas and practical ways to entice boys into reading has been so so interesting and valuable.

Really interesting and informative and full of useful ideas that will be easy to implement.

Excellent. It was extremely valuable to share and acquire so much information about boys' books and their reading requirements.

This was a wonderfully stimulating and informative course. I have taken many practical ideas away. Thank you so much for sharing your immense knowledge and for making the day so enjoyable. I feel enriched by today’s experience - and am hopeful that the boys’ reading experience at school will in turn be enriched.

Reignited my passion for reading! Thank you for so many useful ideas.

Great discussion, food for thought, and ‘hands-on’! A user-friendly gathering with lots of strategies and refreshing new ideas.

An excellent, inspiring day, full of useful discussion about reading and books. Very helpful that session was so interactive.

Really thought provoking ideas. Great to have the chance to discuss reading across the KS2/KS3 boundaries.

Wonderful - loved ideas and books and discussion. Off to stock the library with some great books.

Excellent presentation, resources and opportunity to share ideas with other professionals. Well planned, run and interesting throughout. Timing and content excellent.

Great to have time to look at a range of great up to date books for boys.

The day inspired me to think about promoting relevant books here. I put out some books based on what you were saying about boys' preferences, and already some have been snapped up. I have also suggested that we buy lots more of the 'choose your own adventure' books (which I loved as a boy), as they allow the reader to have some input into the story, rather than just passively reading. So all-in-all it was a really valuable day for me.

Inspirational and practical course which was enthusing. Really useful to network with other teachers and gather ideas.