Joss Stirling, Angel Dares

Oxford, 2015, ISBN 978-0-19-274348-0

Angel Dares is the latest in Joss Stirling's popular Savants series. The Savants each have their own individual supernatural gift. They are linked by telepathy and share a desire to do good. But they are under constant threat from enemies who seek to put an end to them and all they stand for.

Angel is an impulsive seventeen year-old and a talented musician. Her band gets a prestigious booking to play at a major festival alongside some of the most famous groups in the country. There she meets Marcus, a handsome singer and song-writer whose music stirs her to the core and brings exciting new power to her own singing. She realises that he too is a Savant, though he does not realise it, and is disbelieving and distrustful about psychic skills. They find each other difficult and annoying, despite a strong mutual attraction. Gradually Angel understands that he might be her soulfinder, the soulmate without whom a Savant's life cannot be complete. Then things take a sinister twist, partly as a result of her recklessness. She is kidnapped and imprisoned in a shipping container which is lowered into the sea. Angel's unique gift is the ability to move water and make it do her bidding. For a while she can hold the sea at bay as it seeps in, but soon she is near to drowning. Can her Savant friends come to her rescue in time? Will Stirling fans get the happy, romantic ending they have come to expect?

This will be a hit with readers who like their fantasy spiced with romance and adventure, whether they have read the rest of the series or not. Angel is a beguilingly fallible protagonist. The festival setting will appeal to many teenagers.