Academically more able pupils in the library

A course on the role of the school library in supporting academically more able pupils.

The course is suitable for school librarians and library coordinators, academically more able (AMA) coordinators, teachers, other interested staff.

Anne always adapts this course to local needs. It is available for the primary or secondary sector.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • greater understanding of academically more able students and their needs
  • more awareness of current policy and philosophy on AMA provision
  • strategies for making the library and its resources relevant to academically
    more able students
  • extension and enrichment activities to challenge them and support their learning
  • new ideas for encouraging reading development and information literacy
  • more knowledge of appropriate reading resources and ways to exploit them

The course is backed up with an extensive set of handouts.

What people say about this course

Lots of ideas for activities for G&T pupils.

I have a more practical perspective on what I can offer to G&T pupils as a school librarian and how I can work with other departments to achieve those aims.

The element I found most useful was exploring ways to challenge and extend G&T children through whole class differentiation.

Interesting and thought-provoking. Liked the emphasis on broader provision, rather than just G&T.

Very impressed with the presentation and content of the course.

Sharing ideas for improving reading and maintaining interest was most helpful.

Very informative. I have a lot of information to take back with me that will help me move forward with G&T provision in the library.

I am now going to check out current books in the school library and how these can be used to extend G&T children.