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Children’s and young people’s reading – more news and articles

The week in whNLT logoich the National Literacy Trust has given us the excellent news that there is an increase in reading for enjoyment among children seems a good time for a round-up of recent news and articles about children’s reading. (If you missed them, here’s my May round-up and this is my March one.)

Sadly, despite the good news, the anti-reading culture is alive and kicking. Read this heartfelt piece on why one teenager hides the fact that she loves reading.

The ever-relevant Guardian children’s book site has a useful article on how to persuade children to read independently for pleasure.

This week the site is exploring children’s books about the first world war.

I recommend this article about why children’s books on the refugee experience are crucial reading.

Debate never ceases about whether boys only want to read books about boys and by male authors.

A new report hails the effectiveness of phonics teaching. It is well worth reading this response about the limits of phonics from Professor Krashen.

The BBC has reported that texting can boost children’s spelling and grammar.

The Booktrust Best Book Guide 2014 has been published. You can find the Booktrust Best Book Award winners here.

The longlist for the Guardian children’s fiction prize has been announced.

Many readers will be aware of the furore that has surrounded the awarding of the Carnegie Medal to Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks. Nicola Morgan has written a valuable blog on the reasons many adults wish teenagers wouldn’t read bleak books, the reasons many do, and whether it matters that they do.

Schools can vote for their favourite information book in the School Library Association information book award.

The Story Museum in Oxford is hosting what sounds a fantastic exhibition, with authors dressed up as their favourite book characters.

The new House of Illustration also looks a great place to visit.

Wonderful benches inspired by books have sprung up all over London, courtesy of Books About Town. I was very excited to see my first yesterday.

Read for RNIB Day and Walker Books celebrate 25 years of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with an attempt for the world’s largest reading lesson on 15 July.

Thousands of children will be enjoying the Mythical Maze summer reading challenge this year. There are loads of great resources available online.

Finally, Richard Eyre quoted a 5 year-old boy who has just learned to read: “You eat books with your eyes, it’s called reading.” Not sure if he got this idea from Winston the Book Wolf or if it was his own. Either way, how lovely!

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