Saturday, 7 July 2012

Picture books at key stage 2

On Wednesday I gave a course for Heath Educational Books on using picture books to support learning at key stage 2. What a fascinating day! We started by exploring the value of picture books in fostering children’s learning and development, then spent the rest of the day in hands-on activities investigating ways to exploit them effectively. It was lovely to introduce everyone to lots of fabulous books they had not encountered before. Delegates came up with a host of exciting and innovative ideas for helping reading skills, comprehension, and crucially reading enjoyment and creativity, as well as cross-curricular learning. I was particularly impressed by the fantastic plans that groups devised for individual picture books. The pupils in their schools have some wonderful lessons coming up. (One delegate said she had enough ideas to last for the next four years.)

I am delighted that Heath Books have now requested a course for the autumn term on using picture books in key stage 1.

I took the photo on the launch day of the library at Chadwell Primary School. Class after class was captivated by wonderful picture books.