Thursday, 15 May 2014

Diversity in children’s books

The Little Rebels Books Award ceremony last weekend and several interesting current Twitter discussions have made me realise a few links to organisations and articles promoting diversity in children’s books would be useful.

letterboxLetterbox Library is invaluable: booksellers who for over thirty years have provided schools, pre-schools, libraries, parents, carers and children with books that celebrate equality and diversity. They are true experts and their stock is amazing. Twitter users will find them at @LetterboxLib.

inclusive mindsInclusive Minds campaigns for inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children’s literature. Alexandra Strick and Beth Cox who founded it both have huge experience in this field. It’s well worth subscribing to their mailing list and following them on Twitter (@stricolo and @WException).

Last month Woman’s Hour hosted an important discussion about racial diversity in children’s books (11 minutes in).

Guardian Children’s Books is running a themed week on children’s, teenage and YA LGBT books. There are lots of great articles and discussions.

My older blogs on diversity issues can be found here.