Thursday, 28 March 2013

Ideas for promoting reading

I loved seeing these keen readers in the library at Martin School. Now and then I like to do a round-up of recent articles and blogs on reading that I’ve found interesting or useful. Here’s my latest.

Julia Eccleshare, the Guardian Book Doctor, is consistently thought-provoking. Her latest blog explores what gives a picture book lasting appeal. I was very interested in this article on how children’s books support grammar learning. This is a fascinating take on children’s books that ‘offer an antidote to our money-fuelled world’, while this piece looks at how books featuring naughty children allow children to explore the consequences of bad behaviour. Here Eccleshare writes about science books for children that mix fact and fiction. On a similar theme, this is a TES piece about how children’s fiction can bring scientific concepts to life.

Lorna Bradbury’s columns about children’s books for the Daily Telegraph are stopping while she’s having a baby, but the archive is well worth checking out.

Some readers may be interested in this TES piece about a primary school Book at Bedtime event. Also aimed at primary teachers, this is a useful set of ten ‘creative ways to teach English that deliver outstanding results’ from the Guardian.

Finally, in Beyond the Book Report blogger Elena Aguilar identifies ten more inspiring ways of get pupils to respond to their reading.