Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

This morning I was on the judging panel at the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative final at Finchley Catholic High School. What a great event. Six teams of year 12 students gave presentations championing a local charity that mattered to them. We heard impassioned cases made for very important causes. I was so impressed by the talent and creativity we witnessed. There were amazing raps, poems, songs and videos, and very moving testimonials. Picking the winning team was hard. The team here won because of the strength of their commitment to Cancer Link, their very personal and heartfelt story about why the charity matters, and their inspiring video that showed us how the £3000 award would impact directly and positively on people’s lives.

I’ve been a YPI judge for several years. It’s incredibly rewarding. The awards to charities make a huge difference. I admire the scheme too because of its effect on young people who take part. They discover more about their local communities, and the importance of philanthropy. They learn more about themselves. And they gain skills and confidence that will be of lasting benefit to them and others.