Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Anthony Horowitz and Michael Rosen on school libraries

In preparation for a course on running primary libraries that I’m giving shortly for Leeds School Library Service, I went back to my notes on Saturday’s London Festival of Education, to check out what Michael Rosen and Anthony Horowitz said about school libraries during their debate about children’s reading. Their views are well worth sharing.

Horowitz’s endorsement of libraries and librarians was ringing: ‘A well stocked library is the beating heart of any school. The librarian is the hero or heroine of their school.’ Apparently he can tell the quality of the library within thirty seconds of going into a school, by the work on the walls and the glow on children’s faces! ‘If you have a good library you have a happy school.’ He sees the library being at the centre of a web within the school, and talked about the valuable role librarians can play in developing teachers’ knowledge of subject-related books. Rosen is an equally passionate advocate of libraries and librarians. The fact that school libraries are not statutory is discrimination against children in schools without them, he said.